Dota 2: Valve staff apologizes when locking teammates’ accounts

Until now, when penalties were imposed for players who had unhealthy in-game behavior (including Dota 2 or other esports games), it was normal for them to disagree with that penalty. But this time, it seems that Valve has to admit that it was BAN (forbidden) the wrong brother.

In-game denunciation mode is used to bring a healthy esports community not only Dota 2 but also other electronic sports games. This is gradually working out its effectiveness as the penalties are getting stricter and more effective. But just recently, there was a rare incident regarding the application of criminal justice to unfair playing behavior. It is that the whistleblower who also applies the penalty is a Valve employee, and the person who was punished is again the partner of the penalty.

Recently, a Dota 2 player posted on Reddit with content complaining that he was put in the low priority queue, this is a warning for players to exit the game and be prosecuted. fox too much. Until now, when being punished for having unfair behavior in the game, it is normal for gamers to disagree, but this time, it seems that Valve has to admit that it was banning the wrong person.

Specifically, this incident was a player named Minijuanjohndoe in a match he only called on his teammates to move to the mid lane, but a teammate in the team named Vanaman did not agree with his intentions, Vanaman thought. That tactic is inconsistent even very bad and denounces Minijuanjohndoe.

However, the problem will be nothing special if Vanaman is not an employee of Valve. Vanaman’s real name is Sean Vanaman, as a Valve employee he punished Minijuanjohndoe with Valve’s support tools.

After this confusion was discovered, Vanaman apologized to Minijuanjohndoe in the comment section of the Reddit post, and added that it is difficult to be “objective when playing DOTA” so it should ban Minijuanjohndoe.

Currently, it is not clear what words the two sides exchanged when playing the game, but it seems that Vanaman was no longer calm, so he acted like that. However, Minijuanjohndoe also posted more stats to prove that he has always behaved very well.

In the end, the incident was also resolved with Vanaman having to revoke the penalty with Minijuanjohndoe and Valve also set a rule that no staff members were allowed to ban players manually, avoiding the ban of players like the situation just happened.

Learn about the life of the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar in the Narcos slot game

If you have watched the popular Netflix show Narcos then you should not miss the game slot Narcos.

Based on the television series that captures the life of infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, NetEnt’s online game Narcos is an impressively visual casino game with lots of bonus features.

The game features a 243 way to win mechanism that can give you lots of opportunities to get paid per spin.Play it with real money on any device you want and get 96.23% RTP and win. reward more than 600,000 coins per bet. The Narcos slot machine is not only fun to play with its unique and nostalgic design it creates, but it’s also quite fun with a host of bonus features. Although it is quite easy to play, Narcos is not really aimed at new players due to its high volatility. But for those with a bit more experience, this game is sure to give them the payout opportunities they need, especially since it has a large betting limit. With a fixed stake of 20 coins per spin, Narcos gives you a minimum stake amount of 0.20 credits when you play with the lowest coin value and the first bet. However, if you increase your bet and choose a higher coin size, you can also spend a total of 200 credits with each spin control press. The unique point of this game is that it does not rely on payment lines but instead offers you 243 different ways to win prizes by playing with real money.

The prizes are awarded by eleven symbols, four of which are card symbols that pay 5-60 cents per row and 7 are graphic symbols that pay up to 300 coins. However, all base prizes can be increased up to ten times if you play with higher stakes to help you win up to 3,000 coins per chain. Victory in this game occurs whenever at least three matching symbols appear anywhere on adjacent spindles, starting with the leftmost spindle. With the Wild symbol replacing other icons, changing the position and paying up to 3,000 coins, plus the Drive-By feature that randomly turns the icons into additional symbols, you get all even the help needed to win big.

Regular symbols are combined together to trigger a random cash prize that is 1-10 times your total bet amount. Gold symbols, on the other hand, can be connected to winning clusters to multiply prizes by 2x or 3x or upgrade the symbols to higher-paying symbols. Narcos slot game offers you a free spins bonus game that you can activate by collecting three Scatter symbols anywhere on reels one, three, and five. Each time this happens you will be rewarded with 10 free spins. No matter if you are a fan of the show or not, you will still see a lot of great things coming from NetEnt’s Narcos slot game.

5 exciting games in October 2020 you should try (Part 2)

Alliance: Quick War

League of Legends: Rapid War is a mobile version of League of Legends, coming to the world soon. The game will be provided by Riot Games for Android, iOS and the handheld game console.

Announced last year on the 10th anniversary of League of Legends launch, the game quickly caught the world’s attention and anticipation. It is considered a counterweight to defeat MOBA games on mobile phones such as Arena of Valor, Ace of Arenas … Therefore, the fact that League: Rapid Chien conducts testing has made gamers around the world. world of interest. It is expected that the heat of this game will continue to increase until the beginning of next year.

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is no stranger to gamers. This game together with League of Legends are the two leading names of the MOBA game market in the home country. Despite being quiet, it still shows its remarkable growth over the past few months.

In the international market, Arena of Valor has grown dramatically as players spend a lot of time at home playing games due to the influence of Covid-19 translation. According to Censor Tower calculations, Arena of Valor topped the list of the highest-grossing games, with $ 193 million on iOS alone. The game also maintained a 50.4% growth rate, an extremely impressive figure.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty is the leading first-person shooter brand today, and has always been a monument in the shooting genre. This game is also on the list of the game franchises with the most money in history. Developed for PC and later Console, Call of Duty is one of the titles gamers can’t miss.

The release of Call of Duty: Mobile has made the brand of this series spread and become one of the powerful opponents of PUBG Mobile. Integrating with survival gameplay, Call of Duty Mobile makes players extremely satisfied and so far its heat has never cooled.

10 most difficult action games in history (Part 2)

5. Max Payne

Max Payne is a small game of Rockstar Games, but gamers will remember it because of its terrible difficulty. Contrary to current games that mainly attract new players – those who don’t like challenges too much, Max Payne’s ‘easy’ mode is not easy to defeat. The game has storytelling and a dark, dirty atmosphere. Some levels are so difficult that it takes gamers four to five times to complete.

4. Silent Hill 3

Puzzles are the worst nightmare of any Silent Hill gamer. Just looking at how Silent Hill 3 requires gamers by Shakespear’s poems to complete the game at the most difficult level is enough to understand.

Above all, the gameplay of Silent Hill 3 is generally cumbersome. In addition to the fixed camera, Heather is not designed to resist and encounters with enemies quickly overwhelms players if they don’t know how to escape or where to go.

3. Bloodborne

Bloodborne is so difficult that even Dark Souls’ signature summoning system doesn’t make it easier to overcome the onslaught of the last boss in this game – especially Chalice Dungeons and New Game PLus.

If you are a person with phobia, be prepared by one of the final bosses of the game called Rom – is a spider. It takes a few trials-and-mistakes for the player to figure out how to attack it.

2. Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening

Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening marks the success of the series. Gamers hailed the title as Devil May Cry’s biggest challenge to date, and not without foundation. As the difficulty increases, enemies and final bosses get harder and harder and the player gets weaker. Best of all, good luck trying to win the game in ‘Heaven or Hell’ mode. Yes, you can finish off enemies with just one blow, but they can with Dante too.

1. Sekiro

Talking about difficult games, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the pinnacle of it all. The game has brutal difficulty, even for hard-core gamers who spend more than 5 hours a day playing as Sekiro has only one difficulty selection for the game.

To be honest, Sekiro should never be the game of your choice if you are a casual gamer who plays games for fun. It’s outrageous, confusing, and bewildering, and is designed for players with superior skills.

10 most difficult action games in history (Part 1)

From final boss challenges to demanding levels of mastery right from the parking ring, here are some of the toughest action games in history.

10. Takeshi’s Challenge

Takeshi no Chōsenjō, translated as The Takeshi Challenge (not to be confused with the popular TV show Takeshi’s Castle) is a 1986 game released for the Nintendo 8-bit. It received a nomination for the 2007 Classic Game Award at the Tokyo Game Show.

Although similar in appearance to Super Mario Bros., Takeshi’s Challenge is an extremely hard platform game where everything seems to be designed for players to play. Along with poor targeting controls and confusing level design, Takeshi’s Challenge is one of the hardest (and earliest) action games ever made.

9. God Hand

Since its release, God Hand has become a classic among PlayStation 2 gamers. It was an interesting battle, but also hard to believe according to the person in charge of game development. As reported by Wired, Clover Studio’s Atsushi Iba said the game was designed for demanding gamers. God Hand has been hailed for taking combat to a whole new level when it introduces the ‘God Roulette’ mode where players can choose skills to defeat their enemies.

8. Gone’s Day

Dealing with infected zombies and creatures is stressful, but imagine a game where players have just been torn apart by zombies in an open world that requires you to always move from place to place. elsewhere while your motorcycle is constantly running low on fuel.

In Day’s Gone you will run out of fuel or be shot by an unknown sniper before reaching your destination, while a hordes of zombies are waiting to attack you.

7. Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is not a typical action-horror game, where players can fire bullets at monstrous creatures. In Outlast 2, you’re just a little journalist with a camera trying to string together clues to a fanatic, mysterious cult.

In the world of Outlast, you cannot fight or shoot a gun. You can just escape, run or die. With a shortage of supplies and uncompromising foes, even the easiest mode can bring a lot of stress.

6. Dark Souls

The 2011 multi-million dollar game Dark Souls isn’t a must-try if you’re just a casual gamer who just ‘wants to try some action.’ In fact, Dark Souls is difficult and takes time, effort, and patience to conquer.

Dark Souls is a complex action RPG with an unforgiving enemy design, complex levels, and nasty bosses. The game itself is introduced as being difficult to end, but not to the point of being too unfair.

5 exciting games in October 2020 you should try (Part 1)

Let’s take a look at some games that have been enthusiastically welcomed by gamers in the past few months!

Fall Guys

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a survival game developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital. The game was announced at E3 in June 2019 and released on August 4, 2020 for PC and PlayStation 4. The game was inspired by game shows like Takeshi’s Castle, It’s a Knockout and Total Wipeout.

In Fall Guys, players control the character with a symbolic image of beans, overcome obstacles and survive until the end of the screen. The challenges in the game have dozens of styles, and players will have to run, jump, catch to overcome all the challenges. After many levels of play, only 1 person can win.

This game was so popular after its launch that the server was inaccessible when the number of people logged in was too much. However, soon there appeared hacking, cheat situation and that unbalanced. This has caused Fall Guys to lose a lot of players to date.

Among Us

This is a game in the style of “Ghost Wolf”, developed by InnerSloth studio and was released on June 15, 2018. Although not received much attention when it was first released, but in the last 2 months Among Us has suddenly gained popularity after many celebrities on Twitch and YouTube started playing.

The game takes place in space, where players play one of two roles: the majority are Crewmates and a few are Impostors. The crew has the goal of finding and eliminating impostors as well as completing missions around the map, while the fake faction aims to kill the crew members without being detected. When the crew was on par with the impostors, the humans would lose. On the contrary, by destroying all the impostors, the crew wins.

Download Crossfire Legends – Interesting shooting game on Mobile

Crossfire Legends game also known as CF Mobile is preparing to launch Survival mode, this is the HOT topic today when there are many survival games introduced by many publishers to gamers, still shooters.

But when with Survival mode, Crossfire Legends will be raised to a new and more exciting level.

Crossfire Legends Survival mode is about to be released to all gamers today, Crossfire Legends Survival promises to bring many new things to players.

Join Crossfire Legends, players will experience a full range of modes such as when playing on PC including 5v5, pvp, multiplayer, training for beginners, solo, melee, enemy base raid, zombie hunting, chasing enemies at the end of the map, or even placing destructive bombs. In addition, the Rank battle mode in CF Mobile will be more dramatic than ever.

Also a shooting game played through the garena system, the ddtank garena game will bring you interesting gameplay, with many modern weapons, ddtank garena can be played in offline mode, with beautiful graphics background.

Specially, joining Crossfire Legends on mobile, you will be able to unleash legendary maps from Death Crosses, Desert Storms, broadcasting stations, cargo ships to military bases and many shooting modes. World boss hunting team, tower defense, Death Arena, big head and a very special feature is hide and seek.

Speaking of shooters, many gamers are quite familiar with the Half life game with dramatic and engaging gunfight battles, players will be provided with a variety of weapons systems, Half life game also requires teammates when playing and the agility of gamers.

Mobile Chasing is also an attractive mobile shooting game that is worth your experience, besides the version of Pursuit on PC, Mobile Chasing on mobile devices gives players a very special feeling. The game will recreate intense gun battles, fierce battles that make you unable to take your eyes off your screen.

The arsenal in Crossfire Legends is also a highlight that makes this game attract a large number of gamers. You will discover and own many of the most modern and diverse weapons today such as: Barret, AWM, AK47, M4A1, AUG, etc. All can be upgraded, changed color and increased strength. The better thing is that the professional FPS tournament for the online FPS game community in the whole territory of Vietnam is held regularly on an unprecedented scale. You will have the opportunity to confront and defeat the best snipers, snipers, ambush snipers and bring gifts home.

Download Crossfire Legends APK to play on your computer or connect your phone to install faster instead of downloading Google Play, slow transmission will take a lot of time.

Download Pirate Kings to transform into pirate hegemony

Pirate Kings is a pirate game making a storm on Facebook and mobile devices. Have you played this game yet?

Download Pirate King to transform into a pirate and experience the exciting moments of this game offline.

Pirate Kings is a game that emerged from Facebook. After a while of release, the game has landed on most other platforms such as iOS and Android. So what is a remarkable point of Pirate Kings compared to other pirate games?

Join, join pirate game Pirate Kings is not just pirates who glance, ready to rob the ship anytime, anywhere anymore. When participating in the game, you must consider different strategies, methods to maintain and survive. However, the calculations and tricks are very interesting and excite the players, not creating headache feelings like some other strategy games.

Pirate King is an online game, this means that you must have Wifi or 3G on your phone to play. The version for Android just came out in April, but the servers are almost always packed with players. That is why Pirate Kings quickly entered the top of the outstanding application within a short time after launch.

In terms of graphics, the Pirate Kings does not stand out very much. Simple and fun 2D-style animations and images. But in return, the sound is somewhat unique, clearly showing the heroic and decisive atmosphere of one-on-one battles.

Accordingly, joining Pirate Kings is an opportunity for you to become a king, and build your own islands. You will be connected with many players in multiplayer mode, and more interesting is the successful robbery of money and gold from your friends. The task when playing is very simple, you just need to conquer 7 seas to exploit the islands. Also can connect with friends or other online players to earn gold faster.

Pirate Kings is currently available for free to download, but during the game users will have to recharge to purchase the item. Deposit levels range from 0.99 USD to 49.99 USD depending on player needs. If you don’t want to top up, you can still “plow and pull” and join multiplayer to get more gold and grow faster.

Currently Pirate Kings is providing 2 versions for iOS and Android. Depending on the device you are using, you can download the appropriate version of Pirate Kings for Android for Android devices and Pirate Kings for iPhone for iOS device users. In addition, you should also note the time to play, because now the servers are almost full due to the large number of players.

Coin Master is also a pirate game that is many players today, following the gameplay of Pirate Kings, Coin Master has attractive Spins, you will collect many weapons to attack the houses of other players.

The greatest game series of all time Final Fantasy XVI released for PS5

The 16th edition of the series Final Fantasy veteran showed up during the PlayStation 5 launch event.

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the PlayStation 5 launch event was not massively held, but only a live online session. However, not so that it reduces the heat. Not out of anticipation and expectations of fans, Final Fantasy XVI was officially released at this event.

There are quite typical things of the Final Fantasy series that we can see such as the summoning gods Shiva, Titan, the Chocobo mount, the Malboro monster. However, if you remove those, it is almost impossible for the player to accept. So this is a game from the Final Fantasy series. Yes, it is the version that can be said to be the most unfamiliar to loyal players of this series.

The game takes place in the world of the Middle Ages Fantasy, where conflicts take place over the legacies of the Crystals (one of the features of the Fantasy series) left behind. You will see the dark souls bloody cuts in this version, which are too strange.

The story of the game will revolve around Joshua, a boy with a special bloodline, able to use the power of a sacred fire. In this way, Joshua was able to summon Eikons, which could be called beasts with the power of fire.

When it comes to the cutting-edge direction of an action game, Final Fantasy 16 looks set to ditch the party mechanics. We cannot see any of the characters in the journey with the main character. Version 15 has been complained by gamers as the lack of female characters, and to this version, Square Enix seems to have dropped other male characters.

It is still too early to say anything more as this game has not announced the expected release time. From now until then there will probably be a lot more content in the game to be released. So let’s wait and see what the 16th descendant of one of the oldest and greatest game lines in the world will perform more.

Top best hunting game on Android and iPhone

Through the game hunting animals on the phone, players will be traveling to many different lands, and at the same time use their hunting skills to overcome the difficulties of terrain, weapons to find like finishing off your prey as quickly and accurately as possible.

Hunting game series has always been one of the difficult genres on the phone. Normally, the player will choose characters, skills and weapons to participate in endless hunts with dangerous wild animals or subdue mighty giant monsters.

If you have been eager to try the tough challenges of this genre, let’s explore and choose your favorite game from the list of the best hunting games below.

1. Deer Hunter Classic

It is no exaggeration to say that Deer Hunter is one of the successful product lines of Glu restaurant. The company has released quite a few versions of Deer Hunter and are highly appreciated. However, the new Deer Hunter Classic is the version that is most loved by many players.

Using the first person, players will join a hunting journey around the world, from the humid tropical forests of South America to the hot deserts of Central Africa. The game will gradually upgrade prey, initially you will get acquainted by hunting deer, then there will be more and more dangerous animals such as wolves, bears, leopards,…

2. Dino Hunter Deadly Shores

Not stopping is a normal hunting game, Dino Hunter Deadly Shores gives players moments of fear, breathtaking excitement when hunting for dinosaurs – the most dangerous creature in history.

In a modern setting, players will go to the mysterious unspoiled island of Jurassic, the only place where dinosaurs still exist. Players will be equipped with an arsenal of powerful and varied weapons from pistols, rifles or even rocket launchers to hunt. But just having good weapons is not enough, you will need reasonable calculation and strategic mind to be able to defeat the brutal and cunning dinosaurs in the game.

4. Wild Hunt

Among the hunting games on the list, Wild Hunt is the most appreciated by many players for its interaction with the environment. You are still a hunter with weapons in hand and travel the world, photographing beautiful landscapes and hunting and killing wildlife.

Your difficulty is finding yourself the right weapon, moving slowly and quietly, aiming carefully and attacking. However, even if you have done the above steps perfectly, you will not be able to finish exactly. Since your prey is constantly moving, factors such as rain, wind or snow can alter the bullet’s flight path and deflect it.

5. Animal Deer Hunting Game

If normal hunting for you is too simple, the Animal Deer Hunting Game will be a more difficult challenge for you to show off your marksmanship skills. Join the game, you will be hunting in 4 different terrains: snow, desert, jungle and mountain terrain.

The game has a total of 6 different levels of play with increasingly harsh environments and increasing numbers of prey. To complete each level, you both need to choose the right weapon, while hunting with the limits to fulfill the conditions of the system.