From final boss challenges to demanding levels of mastery right from the parking ring, here are some of the toughest action games in history.

10. Takeshi’s Challenge

Takeshi no Chōsenjō, translated as The Takeshi Challenge (not to be confused with the popular TV show Takeshi’s Castle) is a 1986 game released for the Nintendo 8-bit. It received a nomination for the 2007 Classic Game Award at the Tokyo Game Show.

Although similar in appearance to Super Mario Bros., Takeshi’s Challenge is an extremely hard platform game where everything seems to be designed for players to play. Along with poor targeting controls and confusing level design, Takeshi’s Challenge is one of the hardest (and earliest) action games ever made.

9. God Hand

Since its release, God Hand has become a classic among PlayStation 2 gamers. It was an interesting battle, but also hard to believe according to the person in charge of game development. As reported by Wired, Clover Studio’s Atsushi Iba said the game was designed for demanding gamers. God Hand has been hailed for taking combat to a whole new level when it introduces the ‘God Roulette’ mode where players can choose skills to defeat their enemies.

8. Gone’s Day

Dealing with infected zombies and creatures is stressful, but imagine a game where players have just been torn apart by zombies in an open world that requires you to always move from place to place. elsewhere while your motorcycle is constantly running low on fuel.

In Day’s Gone you will run out of fuel or be shot by an unknown sniper before reaching your destination, while a hordes of zombies are waiting to attack you.

7. Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is not a typical action-horror game, where players can fire bullets at monstrous creatures. In Outlast 2, you’re just a little journalist with a camera trying to string together clues to a fanatic, mysterious cult.

In the world of Outlast, you cannot fight or shoot a gun. You can just escape, run or die. With a shortage of supplies and uncompromising foes, even the easiest mode can bring a lot of stress.

6. Dark Souls

The 2011 multi-million dollar game Dark Souls isn’t a must-try if you’re just a casual gamer who just ‘wants to try some action.’ In fact, Dark Souls is difficult and takes time, effort, and patience to conquer.

Dark Souls is a complex action RPG with an unforgiving enemy design, complex levels, and nasty bosses. The game itself is introduced as being difficult to end, but not to the point of being too unfair.