2018 Diversity, Battle Royale & Top Trends

Posted on September 9, 2018  in Computer Games

While technology brought many improvements, the gaming industry is the one that continually changes and evolve, and at the same time, many of the aspects remain similar. With each year new technology, innovation and development arrive that is imagination capturing, Community trendsetters and influencers lead the charge to shatter the previous norm as they usher in new ideas.

Change happens over time, slowly or so it is usually, but then in some years we witness noticeable shirts in the course the industry directs towards. 2018 could be one of those years, but it comes down to a matter of perspective, although there are undoubtedly exciting changes coming this year.

Gamers in 2018

The big question is how the latest developments affect the gaming industry, and one way of finding out is by asking YouTube stars what they feel the top trends in video games are this year. Their comments included that Battle Royale genres dominate the industry while Fortnite won’t die anytime soon and is trading hard. Others were excited about the incredibly innovative ideas of Switch while the Nintendo Labo release coming up offering many accessories in an inexpensive way for gaming. Gamers are also quite looking forward to Call of Duty that hopefully will include the battle royale mode, which proves that battle royale games are the thing gamers finds most interesting and exciting. No matter how many gamers you ask two words keep coming up and that is Battle Royale rocking the gaming industry.

Battle Royale is Single-Handedly Reshaping the Future of the Gaming Industry

Epic Games developed, created and released Fortnite on PC a year ago and ever since it has gained massive momentum and there are simply no signs of slowing down. Epic Games shared in June that the player count reached 125 million players by mid-2018. What further fuels the popularity in the game’s success is the royale style battle, but then there is also the fact that Epic Games announced that they offer $100,000,000 in prizes for the first year of Esport style tournaments.

Battle Royale style fighting also dominated company discussion as the genre is the latest and most successful trend and many plans on including it in their planned line-up of game releases that are currently still in development stages. Even, Activision, the developer of Call of Duty, was quick to include it in their Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and it is also offered in the Battlefield V game. Others that immediately grasp the popularity of the battle royale trend and included it in their game releases are the developers of Rapture Rejects, Proving Grounds and Mavericks.

End of the Road for Loot Boxes

Some were surprised even shocked when loot boxes ended, while others think it is great, and when looking at what Fortnite alone grossed since its launch, the new trend is here to stay, it is a viable business model when Fortnite grossed well in access of $15 million in revenue.