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Are Hacked Online Games Really Worth It? What type of gamer are you?

Are Hacked Online Games Really Worth It? What type of gamer are you?

Posted on July 30, 2018  in Online Games

Are Hacked Online Games Really Worth It? What type of gamer are you?

Are you the kind that wants to play by the book, never taking unfair advantage of any situation in the game or the type that when faced with a difficult level, you run to online guides or tutors to better yourself? Or worse, are you the adventurous kind that likes breaking the rules, using all means necessary to win, and testing how far you can get away with it?

Maybe you are bored and tired of the annoying features in the game like many advertisements, or you want to upgrade to a pro version but can’t afford the money, or you need to introduce a multiplayer feature into a single player mode, whatever the reason, you should know that hacking online games is illegal and being caught can lead to banishment from the game, prosecution, a fine, or even jail time.

For most hackers, it’s the desire to make money or gain unfair advantage over others that pushes them, taking advantage of the anonymity of the online space, while for others, they do it just because they can.

Game hacking is less contentious in single- player games as no innocent third party is affected and works the same as cheating yourself. The issue however, becomes controversial in multi player games where you are given an unfair advantage over other players.

Most game hacks try to remain invisible, undetected by the game servers and these work by manipulating the server to alter certain game features unseen. Other games are hacked through using a cheat engine, or setting up private servers through a reverse engineering system to mimic the server software.

The effect of hacking games online is that it discourages many honest and serious gamers who are looking for honest competition, and this is a loss of revenue and reputation for the gaming companies.

Most game programmers are therefore fighting back, creating software so fool proof that to successfully hack it would require nearly the same effort as rewriting the game.

You should also note that most game hacks are outdated and can only be used for older version of the game. This is because developers are constantly updating their online game systems and chances are high that the version you landed on might be incompatible with the game by the time you use it.

Player’s information and statistics for most online games is stored in their servers which are nearly impossible to hack and setting up your own private servers will not benefit much as your scores or statistics will not be changed in the long run.

Most gaming sites have upped their efforts to fight hacking and cheating in online games by providing open resources thereby eliminating the need to cheat and making it easy to trace the hacks using signature based methods.

Above all, your computer security should be your greatest concern.

Recently, Antivirus provider AVG discovered that over 90% of alleged online game hacks contain some form of malware or malicious code, so you need to think twice before you download those hack apps or hacked versions of popular games.


Month: July 2018

5 Cheap Ways To Play Computer Games With Friends

5 Cheap Ways To Play Computer Games With Friends

Posted on July 22, 2018  in Computer Games

5 Cheap Ways To Play Computer Games With Friends

Nothing strengthens friendships and creates memories like playing games together. Gaming has always been a social activity whether virtually or in reality, and if it can be done cheaply, the more the merrier!

I have listed five different ways you can enjoy the benefits of playing games with a friend or friends without breaking the bank.

Please note that not all games available will be compatible with the options below so choose wisely.

1. Online and browser based game play

Online stores like Steam, GOG and Origin sometimes run sales and promotions where games are heavily discounted or even offered for free. After purchasing these games, build a library and then share them with family and friends.

Adobe player and other modern browsers can also be used for free to play PC games which you can also download for offline playing. You can play these games with a friend using the same computer or different computers over the internet.

2. Connecting using LAN

A Local Area Network (LAN) is one of the oldest and most efficient connectivity. If for whatever reason, you and your friends need to work offline, you can connect two or more computers using a LAN cable, a router or a workgroup switch. Using LAN is good for gaming because since you are working offline, the speed of the game is irrelevant.

A LAN usually requires physical proximity but if your friends are far from your location, you can create a virtual LAN with Evolve which can be downloaded to your computer.

3. Use VPN to connect with a friend

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a secure and private software that will allows you to share large files with a connected friend. This is done by tunneling packets online to create the effect of being on the same LAN even though you can be far apart.

The downside of using a VPN to connect with friends is that the speed is comparably slow and as a result of packet tunneling, there is additional overhead.

4. Using cloud services

Cloud based gaming services are now the rage and anyone can join to play games with friends wherever they are in the world. This is easy to set up and use and you have access to extra storage space on most cloud services. However, your friends will need internet connection to enable access and syncing of the files you’ll have shared on the cloud.

If you have an account with a file hosting service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, then you can invite your pals to access the files stored there.

This option is slower than LAN and VPN but is generally faster than many host websites.

5. Connect using torrents

Using torrents is a popular way to share files online cheaply. Torrented games are pirated versions of popular games which can be obtained through various websites without paying the amount that is required for the original game. However, installing a torrented version of a game is technical and might require more expertise than the usual. Some torrented games provide LAN support and therefore can be played offline but most require an internet connection.

After downloading your torrent file, you should be seeding it, which allows your peers to access the game with you. Seeding on most torrent sites is automatic unless you disable it.



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5 Ways To Improve Your Gaming Experience Without Rooting Your Android Phone

5 Ways To Improve Your Gaming Experience Without Rooting Your Android Phone

Posted on July 16, 2018  in Android Games

5 Ways To Improve Your Gaming Experience Without Rooting Your Android Phone

Most suggestions on improving android gaming experience involve use of mods, tweaks, and scripts that require rooting your device, which essentially voids your warranty and makes it vulnerable to all kinds of malware attacks. It does not make sense to risk your phone to that extent just for a game.

As an android phone or tablet owner, there are simple steps that you can take to optimize your device and turn it into your favorite gaming machine, without surrendering it to the malware mafia.

1. Download games from the Google app store

The most obvious option yet often times overlooked option. The Play Store has tons of good and really cheap games that you would be spoilt for choice. In addition, buying games from the play store will encourage the developers to create more and more exciting games. Not to mention the security is guaranteed when you download Google Play Store apps.

2. Connect a mouse, game pad or keyboard

Using a USB On-the-Go (OTG) device, your android phone can be physically connected to a mouse, key board or game pad for use in your gaming time.

If you are the kind that hates the clutter of connecting wires, you can try using a wireless mouse, keyboard or gamepad, most of which are Bluetooth supported and therefore will work well with your android phone.

When using the mouse cursor to surf the android screen, note that the touch option will also be available. And for a maximum screen viewing experience, use the shortcuts on the keyboard, which will work the same as it does on a PC.

And if your game supports use of controllers, the game pad is the best option for you to create the same effect on your android phone.

3. Always have an external battery pack

Playing games on android devices is the fastest way to drain the battery.  It can seem bearable when your phone is constantly plugged into a charger but if you are travelling, it’s a different story. Most times you’ll get bored and the urge to play a game on your device will be strong. At such times, it pays to have a portable battery pack that will keep charging your phone even as you play.

4. Use cloud based platforms

After the demise of OnLive, a cloud based gaming site that used to stream many popular games, the gap in the market has been filled by many cloud based sites for android games. Playing games from the cloud saves you tons in phone memory so you can play more games, not to mention that your phone will be faster too when it’s not bogged down by different apps.

5. Play old PC games on android

If you are a fan of old PC games, convert your experience to your android device. It is shockingly easy to run old PC games on android using either ScummVM, which has an android version or DOSBox Turbo, which also has an android version. The guidelines for installation and application of these apps can be gotten from their respective websites.

All you need is to download a game from a gaming site to your PC, and then copy the files to your phone.  You can also download DOSBox Manager, an app that will help you quickly launch the game on your phone.