5 Ways To Improve Your Gaming Experience Without Rooting Your Android Phone

5 Ways To Improve Your Gaming Experience Without Rooting Your Android Phone

Posted on July 16, 2018  in Android Games

5 Ways To Improve Your Gaming Experience Without Rooting Your Android Phone

Most suggestions on improving android gaming experience involve use of mods, tweaks, and scripts that require rooting your device, which essentially voids your warranty and makes it vulnerable to all kinds of malware attacks. It does not make sense to risk your phone to that extent just for a game.

As an android phone or tablet owner, there are simple steps that you can take to optimize your device and turn it into your favorite gaming machine, without surrendering it to the malware mafia.

1. Download games from the Google app store

The most obvious option yet often times overlooked option. The Play Store has tons of good and really cheap games that you would be spoilt for choice. In addition, buying games from the play store will encourage the developers to create more and more exciting games. Not to mention the security is guaranteed when you download Google Play Store apps.

2. Connect a mouse, game pad or keyboard

Using a USB On-the-Go (OTG) device, your android phone can be physically connected to a mouse, key board or game pad for use in your gaming time.

If you are the kind that hates the clutter of connecting wires, you can try using a wireless mouse, keyboard or gamepad, most of which are Bluetooth supported and therefore will work well with your android phone.

When using the mouse cursor to surf the android screen, note that the touch option will also be available. And for a maximum screen viewing experience, use the shortcuts on the keyboard, which will work the same as it does on a PC.

And if your game supports use of controllers, the game pad is the best option for you to create the same effect on your android phone.

3. Always have an external battery pack

Playing games on android devices is the fastest way to drain the battery.  It can seem bearable when your phone is constantly plugged into a charger but if you are travelling, it’s a different story. Most times you’ll get bored and the urge to play a game on your device will be strong. At such times, it pays to have a portable battery pack that will keep charging your phone even as you play.

4. Use cloud based platforms

After the demise of OnLive, a cloud based gaming site that used to stream many popular games, the gap in the market has been filled by many cloud based sites for android games. Playing games from the cloud saves you tons in phone memory so you can play more games, not to mention that your phone will be faster too when it’s not bogged down by different apps.

5. Play old PC games on android

If you are a fan of old PC games, convert your experience to your android device. It is shockingly easy to run old PC games on android using either ScummVM, which has an android version or DOSBox Turbo, which also has an android version. The guidelines for installation and application of these apps can be gotten from their respective websites.

All you need is to download a game from a gaming site to your PC, and then copy the files to your phone.  You can also download DOSBox Manager, an app that will help you quickly launch the game on your phone.