Are Hacked Online Games Really Worth It? What type of gamer are you?

Are Hacked Online Games Really Worth It? What type of gamer are you?

Posted on July 30, 2018  in Online Games

Are Hacked Online Games Really Worth It? What type of gamer are you?

Are you the kind that wants to play by the book, never taking unfair advantage of any situation in the game or the type that when faced with a difficult level, you run to online guides or tutors to better yourself? Or worse, are you the adventurous kind that likes breaking the rules, using all means necessary to win, and testing how far you can get away with it?

Maybe you are bored and tired of the annoying features in the game like many advertisements, or you want to upgrade to a pro version but can’t afford the money, or you need to introduce a multiplayer feature into a single player mode, whatever the reason, you should know that hacking online games is illegal and being caught can lead to banishment from the game, prosecution, a fine, or even jail time.

For most hackers, it’s the desire to make money or gain unfair advantage over others that pushes them, taking advantage of the anonymity of the online space, while for others, they do it just because they can.

Game hacking is less contentious in single- player games as no innocent third party is affected and works the same as cheating yourself. The issue however, becomes controversial in multi player games where you are given an unfair advantage over other players.

Most game hacks try to remain invisible, undetected by the game servers and these work by manipulating the server to alter certain game features unseen. Other games are hacked through using a cheat engine, or setting up private servers through a reverse engineering system to mimic the server software.

The effect of hacking games online is that it discourages many honest and serious gamers who are looking for honest competition, and this is a loss of revenue and reputation for the gaming companies.

Most game programmers are therefore fighting back, creating software so fool proof that to successfully hack it would require nearly the same effort as rewriting the game.

You should also note that most game hacks are outdated and can only be used for older version of the game. This is because developers are constantly updating their online game systems and chances are high that the version you landed on might be incompatible with the game by the time you use it.

Player’s information and statistics for most online games is stored in their servers which are nearly impossible to hack and setting up your own private servers will not benefit much as your scores or statistics will not be changed in the long run.

Most gaming sites have upped their efforts to fight hacking and cheating in online games by providing open resources thereby eliminating the need to cheat and making it easy to trace the hacks using signature based methods.

Above all, your computer security should be your greatest concern.

Recently, Antivirus provider AVG discovered that over 90% of alleged online game hacks contain some form of malware or malicious code, so you need to think twice before you download those hack apps or hacked versions of popular games.