The greatest game series of all time Final Fantasy XVI released for PS5

The 16th edition of the series Final Fantasy veteran showed up during the PlayStation 5 launch event. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the PlayStation 5 launch event was not massively held, but only a live online session. However, not so that it reduces the heat. Not out of anticipation and expectations of fans, Final Fantasy […]

Top best hunting game on Android and iPhone

Through the game hunting animals on the phone, players will be traveling to many different lands, and at the same time use their hunting skills to overcome the difficulties of terrain, weapons to find like finishing off your prey as quickly and accurately as possible. Hunting game series has always been one of the difficult genres on the phone. Normally, […]

Top best horror game of all time (Part 7)

Until Dawn Until Dawn Games is probably the least scary game on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good thriller. Designed as an homage to slasher films starring unfortunate teens, Until Dawn serves as an interactive film. Located on Mount Blackwood, eight teens go up the snowy slopes to go on holiday. A year […]

Top best horror game of all time (Part 6)

Alien: Isolation Many players have a strong love/hate relationship with the last game on our list. Alien: Isolation is a methodical, slow-moving sci-fi horror game, whose premise is to focus on a single alien during the climactic adventure, for them, increasing the art makes players feel extremely vulnerable and isolated at all times to new heights. […]

Top best horror game of all time (Part 5)

Soma The friction game was so good at attracting players’ screams that it held two places on our list. In 2015, the SOMA science fiction chiller, you operated a man named Simon Jarrett, who suffered a brain injury from a car accident. Therefore, he agreed to join Mr. Munshi’s experimental research in reversing brain damage. However, during […]