Dota 2: Valve staff apologizes when locking teammates’ accounts

Until now, when penalties were imposed for players who had unhealthy in-game behavior (including Dota 2 or other esports games), it was normal for them to disagree with that penalty. But this time, it seems that Valve has to admit that it was BAN (forbidden) the wrong brother. In-game denunciation mode is used to bring […]

Learn about the life of the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar in the Narcos slot game

If you have watched the popular Netflix show Narcos then you should not miss the game slot Narcos. Based on the television series that captures the life of infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, NetEnt’s online game Narcos is an impressively visual casino game with lots of bonus features. The game features a 243 way to […]

5 exciting games in October 2020 you should try (Part 2)

Alliance: Quick War League of Legends: Rapid War is a mobile version of League of Legends, coming to the world soon. The game will be provided by Riot Games for Android, iOS and the handheld game console. Announced last year on the 10th anniversary of League of Legends launch, the game quickly caught the world’s […]

10 most difficult action games in history (Part 1)

From final boss challenges to demanding levels of mastery right from the parking ring, here are some of the toughest action games in history. 10. Takeshi’s Challenge Takeshi no Chōsenjō, translated as The Takeshi Challenge (not to be confused with the popular TV show Takeshi’s Castle) is a 1986 game released for the Nintendo 8-bit. […]

Download Crossfire Legends – Interesting shooting game on Mobile

Crossfire Legends game also known as CF Mobile is preparing to launch Survival mode, this is the HOT topic today when there are many survival games introduced by many publishers to gamers, still shooters. But when with Survival mode, Crossfire Legends will be raised to a new and more exciting level. Crossfire Legends Survival mode […]

Download Pirate Kings to transform into pirate hegemony

Pirate Kings is a pirate game making a storm on Facebook and mobile devices. Have you played this game yet? Download Pirate King to transform into a pirate and experience the exciting moments of this game offline. Pirate Kings is a game that emerged from Facebook. After a while of release, the game has landed […]

The greatest game series of all time Final Fantasy XVI released for PS5

The 16th edition of the series Final Fantasy veteran showed up during the PlayStation 5 launch event. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the PlayStation 5 launch event was not massively held, but only a live online session. However, not so that it reduces the heat. Not out of anticipation and expectations of fans, Final Fantasy […]

Top best hunting game on Android and iPhone

Through the game hunting animals on the phone, players will be traveling to many different lands, and at the same time use their hunting skills to overcome the difficulties of terrain, weapons to find like finishing off your prey as quickly and accurately as possible. Hunting game series has always been one of the difficult genres on the phone. Normally, […]