After being launched, Counter-Strike has quickly caught gamers’ attention and become the favorite game of various people thanks to unique gameplay and more realistic display than other shooting games at that time such as Quake and Unreal. In fact, it has been so viral that Valve officially bought Counter-Strike mod version and then developed it to that esports game as nowadays. 

The latest version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (also called CSGO) still uses the same rules as the original mod version. This game has always been top trending on Stream apart from Dota2 and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Even though recently, there has been an outburst of modern esports games nowadays, Counter-Strike is still one of the most popular sport games throughout the years.

There are many factors that lead to Counter-Strike popularity, however, there are just a few facts about this Valve shooting game that will surprise you. 

AWP – the most powerful and killing gun which causes many players’ frustration.

Whatever games that you are the beginner without any experiences, it takes time for you to get to know how the game is operated, how weapons and strategies turn out to work and some important skills… And the easiest way for you to get accomplishment is to take part in a different battlefield and gain experiences after them. In CS, the main reason for your failure is being shooted by the most killing gun AWP – which can defeat all the enemy regardless of any type of armor.

Many payers complains that AWP is too dangerous and powerful while its burning ratio is nearly zero. In the very first versions of CS, even though you are shooted in legs or hands once, you are already shut down. 

Fortunately, the power of AWP has been regressed recently, however, it is still the most formidable weapon in Counter-Strike.