Crossfire Legends game also known as CF Mobile is preparing to launch Survival mode, this is the HOT topic today when there are many survival games introduced by many publishers to gamers, still shooters.

But when with Survival mode, Crossfire Legends will be raised to a new and more exciting level.

Crossfire Legends Survival mode is about to be released to all gamers today, Crossfire Legends Survival promises to bring many new things to players.

Join Crossfire Legends, players will experience a full range of modes such as when playing on PC including 5v5, pvp, multiplayer, training for beginners, solo, melee, enemy base raid, zombie hunting, chasing enemies at the end of the map, or even placing destructive bombs. In addition, the Rank battle mode in CF Mobile will be more dramatic than ever.

Also a shooting game played through the garena system, the ddtank garena game will bring you interesting gameplay, with many modern weapons, ddtank garena can be played in offline mode, with beautiful graphics background.

Specially, joining Crossfire Legends on mobile, you will be able to unleash legendary maps from Death Crosses, Desert Storms, broadcasting stations, cargo ships to military bases and many shooting modes. World boss hunting team, tower defense, Death Arena, big head and a very special feature is hide and seek.

Speaking of shooters, many gamers are quite familiar with the Half life game with dramatic and engaging gunfight battles, players will be provided with a variety of weapons systems, Half life game also requires teammates when playing and the agility of gamers.

Mobile Chasing is also an attractive mobile shooting game that is worth your experience, besides the version of Pursuit on PC, Mobile Chasing on mobile devices gives players a very special feeling. The game will recreate intense gun battles, fierce battles that make you unable to take your eyes off your screen.

The arsenal in Crossfire Legends is also a highlight that makes this game attract a large number of gamers. You will discover and own many of the most modern and diverse weapons today such as: Barret, AWM, AK47, M4A1, AUG, etc. All can be upgraded, changed color and increased strength. The better thing is that the professional FPS tournament for the online FPS game community in the whole territory of Vietnam is held regularly on an unprecedented scale. You will have the opportunity to confront and defeat the best snipers, snipers, ambush snipers and bring gifts home.

Download Crossfire Legends APK to play on your computer or connect your phone to install faster instead of downloading Google Play, slow transmission will take a lot of time.