Learn about Perks in Call of Duty Mobile (Part 1)

Only appearing in the Multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Mobile, Perks are specialized skills, often combined with the player’s role in a game and have a great impact on the outcome of the match.

Simply put, Perks are skills that give players a variety of effects in Call of Duty Mobile. And if you choose the right Perk, exactly for your role, you achieve MVP easily.

The higher the rankings are, the more Perks will affect the outcome of the matches. Therefore, the proper use of Perks is extremely important.

Tìm hiểu về Perks trong Call of Duty Mobile


Perks in Call of Duty Mobile are divided into 3 categories Red (Red) – Green (Green) – Blue (Blue) and will be unlocked at different levels.

1. Red Perks

– Fast Recover: increase the healing ability up to 35%. Open at level 4.

– Persistence: Scorestreaks will not return to zero when dying, but each scorestreaks will have double the amount of points. Open at level 14.

– Lightweight: Sprint speed increases by 10% and the amount of damage received when dropped from above is greatly reduced. Open at level 22.

– Agile: Help jumping over obstacles faster and the time to see the 85% reduction when running. Open at level 30.

– Flak Jacket: Damage caused by bombs or explosive devices is reduced by 35%. Open at level 39.

– Skulker: Move 12% faster when walking or bending. Open at level 45.

Tìm hiểu về Perks trong Call of Duty Mobile

2. Green perks

– Vulture: Pick up bullets from killing enemies. Open at level 6.

– Toughness: 60% reduction in mind jump when the enemy is shot. Open at level 16.

– Tracker: See the enemy’s footprint 4 seconds before. Open at level 24.

– Cold-Blooded: Cannot be targeted by enemy’s artificial intelligence weapons. Open at level 32.

– Hard Wired: Against counter UAV, against EMP and Bom trip mines will no longer work with you, and it also fights against the enemy’s perk Tracker. Open at level 41.

– Ghost: The enemy UAV cannot reveal the location of the user. Open at level 47.