3. Perks lam

– Hardline: 25% increase in points earned when killing an enemy. Open at level 12.

Demo Expert: Increase 25% of power from bombs. Open at level 20.

– Tatical Mask: Reduce 40% of the duration of tactical weapons. Open at level 43.

– Alert: showing the enemy position on a small map when they are near the player. Open at level 51.

– Engineer: Engineer: Detects devices and Scorestreaks, allows exchanging scorestreaks or placing bombs in enemy’s scorestreaks. Open at level 37.

– Dead Silence: Minimize the sound of your footsteps. Unlock level 63.


 Perks are only used in MULTIPLAYER (MP)

– Battle Royale mode will have no Perks

– Only equipped with a maximum of 3 Perks.

– Each Perks need a certain level to achieve.


Depending on the weapons and the play style you use, select the appropriate Perks for maximum effect:

Assault rifle: Fast Recover + Vulture + Alert. For those who prefer to use assault rifles, often head-on and confront 1vs1 with enemies, players will need blood and bullets obtained from Fast Recover + Vulture. And Alert will help you detect enemies faster.


Sniper Gun: Flak Jacket + Hard Wired + Hardline: The first 2 Perks will give you peace of mind not to be targeted by special weapons. And with passive gameplay, you’ll need to get more points from Hardline.

SMG / Shotgun: Fast Recover + Hard Wired + Tactical Mask: Suitable for players who play tankers, harassing enemies with enhanced weapons such as grenades, stun bombs, smoke bombs. And if you prefer sneaky gameplay, hook your opponent’s tires, you can use the Perks: Lightweight / Agile + Ghost + Dead Silence.