In the first season held, PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring Split 2020 has left many marks in the hearts of fans of the mobile survival game.

PUBG Mobile Pro League Sea Finals ended with the championship belonging to Yoodo Gank of Malaysia. For those who follow the 3 days from 1-3/5 PUBG Mobile tournaments in Southeast Asia, you will probably feel the fighting atmosphere, the fierce competition that a mobile shooter can do it.

Three Vietnamese representatives in the Sea Finals this year, Talent, Badboy and Box Gaming, did not achieve the expected expectations, when they ranked 7th, 11th and 14th respectively. Any Winner Winner Chicken Dinner during the tournament is a pity for the host team.

Competitive eSports game

The superiority is evident in the skills of each player as well as in teamfights. Remember that at the PMCO Prelims 2019, Southeast Asia is also the area that destroyed the tournament with 3 representatives all topping the group.

However, the effort is not without, even the host athletes also create many impressive moments with viewers.

It could be the outplay of the entire Badboy Onic eSports lineup from the first day of the game. In a worse position than the opponent when knocked out 2 members in a house near Prison, the Vietnamese boys still calmly completely clear the opponent, forcing the Indonesian representative to stop in the top 16.

In addition, there are some brainstorms between Box Gaming and the regional champions RRQ Athena of Thailand.

However, due to the overwhelming strength of teams that have rolled on the world stage such as Yoodo Gank, Team Secret, Illuminate the Muder, even the world champion like Bigetron RA, the Vietnamese representatives were unable to show a lot.

Big names, even the majority of viewers defaulted to Vietnamese representatives such as Matrix United, FFQ also pity at the ticket to attend the Sea Final at the hands of Talent, Badboy.

Sustainable development roadmap

In March 2018, PUBG Mobile Lightspeed and Quantum international version launched. In less than 2 years, this version has reached 600 million downloads worldwide, more than 50 million daily players.

These unexpected numbers are not only the result of state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 4 technology that reproduces realistic 3D images, epic fire effects, and breathtaking action scenes; but also from the different development orientation of PUBG Mobile in the bustling gaming market.

Dare to escape the framework of a mere entertainment game, PUBG Mobile was put into development with the roadmap of an eSports industry, confronting many other long-standing names of this industry.

After only 2 years, PUBG Mobile has made a big impression with large tournaments with bonuses up to million USD like PUBG Mobile Club Open ($2.5 million) and now PUBG Mobile Pro League ($5 million).