The 16th edition of the series Final Fantasy veteran showed up during the PlayStation 5 launch event.

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the PlayStation 5 launch event was not massively held, but only a live online session. However, not so that it reduces the heat. Not out of anticipation and expectations of fans, Final Fantasy XVI was officially released at this event.

There are quite typical things of the Final Fantasy series that we can see such as the summoning gods Shiva, Titan, the Chocobo mount, the Malboro monster. However, if you remove those, it is almost impossible for the player to accept. So this is a game from the Final Fantasy series. Yes, it is the version that can be said to be the most unfamiliar to loyal players of this series.

The game takes place in the world of the Middle Ages Fantasy, where conflicts take place over the legacies of the Crystals (one of the features of the Fantasy series) left behind. You will see the dark souls bloody cuts in this version, which are too strange.

The story of the game will revolve around Joshua, a boy with a special bloodline, able to use the power of a sacred fire. In this way, Joshua was able to summon Eikons, which could be called beasts with the power of fire.

When it comes to the cutting-edge direction of an action game, Final Fantasy 16 looks set to ditch the party mechanics. We cannot see any of the characters in the journey with the main character. Version 15 has been complained by gamers as the lack of female characters, and to this version, Square Enix seems to have dropped other male characters.

It is still too early to say anything more as this game has not announced the expected release time. From now until then there will probably be a lot more content in the game to be released. So let’s wait and see what the 16th descendant of one of the oldest and greatest game lines in the world will perform more.