Games in Southeast Asia were closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

When the net shops were forced to close to avoid the COVID-19 epidemic, LoL lost a large number of players in the ranking mode.

In many other countries in Southeast Asia, they also choose internet shops or cyber games as the place to play LoL with their friends, However, during the COVID-19 epidemic There are very complicated developments, many countries in Southeast Asia have had to close net shops within a few weeks, resulting in a significant decline in the number of League players in recent days.

A player in the Philippines said, at this server, the number of players at the Challenge level is 9 people! This situation leads to the fact that the Philippines’ League of Legends server is forced to temporarily lock the ranking so that gamers do not lose their rank when they have not played games for a long time. Notification that was sent to gamers in this area through the client as well as the game’s fanpage.

The Philippines had to lock down the League of Legends ranking because the number of players was too small.

Thankfully, in some countris, the Ranking mode still works normally. On March 27, the League Ranking mode was temporarily closed for maintenance but has now reopened for gamers to participate.

According to the latest announcement, currently, only general supermarkets, people’s markets, shopping centers are among the essential business establishments that are operating. Although this will cause a large part of gamers to be affected, in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic there is no sign of stopping, all people, even gamers, should not go out to protect their health of yourself as well as those around you.