Layers of Fear

A surprise 2016 indie hit from the developer Bloober Team, Layer of Fear puts players in the role of an ambitious artist in their masterpiece work. The game takes place in his lavish Victoria mansion and he adds a new layer to the picture after completing each chapter. The end of the picture seems to be secondary in the psychological state of the man.

Throughout the first-person experience, the player is exposed to the man’s illusion of his disturbing past. Reflecting the style of PT, the main fear source of Fear Class comes from the constantly changing environment. Returning to a previously empty wall, and a rickety door with light emanating from its bottom crack may be there.

Although it can be classified as a walking simulator, since there is no direct combat, players interact with objects to solve puzzles to make rooms change. From melting walls to ever-changing portraits, to haunting obsessions, Class of Fear surprises during its brief but proficient journey.

Outlast 2

Beyond its predecessor, Outlast 2 is probably the hardest game on this list. The grotesque and cowardly expressions you encounter throughout the game will surely get some players off – even those who really like the genre.

From the outset, Journalist Blake Langermann and his wife went to a remote location in Arizona where the body of a pregnant woman was found mysteriously on the side of the road. The cause of death is unknown and does not mean that she died there. What began as an investigation quickly turned into a war of survival.

Blake and Lynn attract the attention of a crazed local sex sect and a group of people living in remote forests. Like Outlast, you cannot protect yourself. Besides sparse fast time events, you just need to run and hide. And you have to do both of these things well unless you want Blake to suffer a brutal, tortured death. Without going into details, say that Outlast 2 is not for square players.

Outlast 2 performs both survival horror and psychological horror extremely well, telling a compelling story, and will make your heart beat a mile every minute as you move through its terrifying setting with Those are even scarier.