The friction game was so good at attracting players’ screams that it held two places on our list. In 2015, the SOMA science fiction chiller, you operated a man named Simon Jarrett, who suffered a brain injury from a car accident. Therefore, he agreed to join Mr. Munshi’s experimental research in reversing brain damage.

However, during the brain scan, Simon seemed to lose consciousness and woke up in a deserted research center deep in the Atlantic. To make matters even more confusing, the year is 2104, nearly 80 years since the brain scan. And even worse, all human life was wiped out by a comet the previous year. PATHOS-II – where he wakes up – is the last place where human life is considered safe. But he appeared alone. What happened?

Soma follows the Frictional Games tradition of using an unknowing storyteller to tease a big and scary mystery. More than Amnesia, SOMA emphasizes psychological horror, with each shadow creature representing some form of emotional trauma.

The game depends a lot on its atmosphere, which is further enhanced by its voice recording, writing notes and murky underwater environment. A little more landscape of its horrors, it succeeds in bringing you into its world and makes you feel as if you’re living Simon’s deep inner struggle. It achieves a different kind of horror experience, one that sticks to your mind and doesn’t let go.

Silent Hill 2

The Silent Hill brand is located alongside Resident Evil as the pioneer of this genre. While the first three Silent Hill games can all be considered classics, Silent Hill 2 goes far beyond other games to take a spot on our list. Although it’s not a direct successor to the original, Silent Hill 2 returns to the dull town.

James Sunderland’s wife died three years ago – at least, that’s what he thought. After receiving a letter asking him to meet her at their special location (Silent Hill), he began a journey with many unstable turns. (Note how to set up reflection of Resident Evil 7).

As James navigates through town, Silent Hill quickly becomes an insane dream scene filled with monsters and strange disturbances. What makes Silent Hill games stand out, and especially Silent Hill 2, are psychological elements designed to mess with the player’s mind.

Very often, what James sees is merely an expression of his subconscious mind. And while all of the games on this list are worth playing more than once, Silent Hill 2 has plenty of basic topics, literary and movie references, and enough content to make the play. Your second is even better than the first part.