Until Dawn

Until Dawn Games is probably the least scary game on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good thriller. Designed as an homage to slasher films starring unfortunate teens, Until Dawn serves as an interactive film. Located on Mount Blackwood, eight teens go up the snowy slopes to go on holiday.

A year ago, two sisters of one of his friends disappeared on the same mountain. Naturally, things went quickly, and the group fell into a desperate situation with a terrifying, frantic man hunting them.

Until Dawn converts the perspective in each of its chapters. Most of the gameplay is just a walk, but the player must make important choices that change the course of the story. This wavy effect, named in the game as the butterfly effect, works for both small and large. Filled with fear of dancing, bullshit dialogue and great performances, Until Dawn is the kind of horror experience that needs to be played with a group of friends.

Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares makes a very simple, completely captivating game play loop. This is essentially a scary hide-and-seek game starring Six, a young girl who finds herself in Maw’s nightmare world. During the five-hour adventure, you guide Six across a series of rooms in Maw filled with scary individuals who will attack if given the chance.

Six simply wanted to eat something, but this led to many problems for Maw residents. Much of the terror caused by Little Nightmares stems from the fear of being discovered. You still can’t see, but even if you think you’re safe, there’s always a fearsome fear of being caught looming over your head.

Little Nightmares has a series of excellent puzzles, all of which contribute to this constantly evolving story of hell. It’s amazing how small nightmares are so scary that even you almost always know where danger lurks. This is done through great visual and sound design, and a streamlined set of clues about what would happen to Six if she were arrested.

Although Little Nightmares does not have the scale of some of the other games on this list, it eventually packs an emotional punch.