Through the game hunting animals on the phone, players will be traveling to many different lands, and at the same time use their hunting skills to overcome the difficulties of terrain, weapons to find like finishing off your prey as quickly and accurately as possible.

Hunting game series has always been one of the difficult genres on the phone. Normally, the player will choose characters, skills and weapons to participate in endless hunts with dangerous wild animals or subdue mighty giant monsters.

If you have been eager to try the tough challenges of this genre, let’s explore and choose your favorite game from the list of the best hunting games below.

1. Deer Hunter Classic

It is no exaggeration to say that Deer Hunter is one of the successful product lines of Glu restaurant. The company has released quite a few versions of Deer Hunter and are highly appreciated. However, the new Deer Hunter Classic is the version that is most loved by many players.

Using the first person, players will join a hunting journey around the world, from the humid tropical forests of South America to the hot deserts of Central Africa. The game will gradually upgrade prey, initially you will get acquainted by hunting deer, then there will be more and more dangerous animals such as wolves, bears, leopards,…

2. Dino Hunter Deadly Shores

Not stopping is a normal hunting game, Dino Hunter Deadly Shores gives players moments of fear, breathtaking excitement when hunting for dinosaurs – the most dangerous creature in history.

In a modern setting, players will go to the mysterious unspoiled island of Jurassic, the only place where dinosaurs still exist. Players will be equipped with an arsenal of powerful and varied weapons from pistols, rifles or even rocket launchers to hunt. But just having good weapons is not enough, you will need reasonable calculation and strategic mind to be able to defeat the brutal and cunning dinosaurs in the game.

4. Wild Hunt

Among the hunting games on the list, Wild Hunt is the most appreciated by many players for its interaction with the environment. You are still a hunter with weapons in hand and travel the world, photographing beautiful landscapes and hunting and killing wildlife.

Your difficulty is finding yourself the right weapon, moving slowly and quietly, aiming carefully and attacking. However, even if you have done the above steps perfectly, you will not be able to finish exactly. Since your prey is constantly moving, factors such as rain, wind or snow can alter the bullet’s flight path and deflect it.

5. Animal Deer Hunting Game

If normal hunting for you is too simple, the Animal Deer Hunting Game will be a more difficult challenge for you to show off your marksmanship skills. Join the game, you will be hunting in 4 different terrains: snow, desert, jungle and mountain terrain.

The game has a total of 6 different levels of play with increasingly harsh environments and increasing numbers of prey. To complete each level, you both need to choose the right weapon, while hunting with the limits to fulfill the conditions of the system.