The latest update, Season 5: Renegades for Vigor, comes with a new Battle Pass Season that has been released bringing lots of changes, big and small, and it’s all about improving the game as a whole.

Besides all the new weapons in Warlords, the developer decided to choose a more subtle setting for the Renegades. Whether riskers in the Wild West, rebels or apocalyptic priests, they are social outcasts.

Since the Outlanders did not care much about the rest of society, these rebels quickly joined their ranks. They carry loads of cool customizations in the Battle Pass, be it a spear persuader uniform, two stylish hats, or even new masks and other accessories.

Another top requested feature is the option to play in larger groups. You can now form a team of 5 Outlanders for the Elimination, and a group of 2 or a group 3 in the Encounters. Besides that, the option that isn’t normally used to join random matches has been replaced by the ability to choose to be a true betrayed Lone Wolf – you’ll join Encounters with groups of 2 and 3 to conquer higher challenges and then get bigger rewards. To keep things interesting even during solo encounters, supply boxes have been added.

There are also many additions to Encounters such as new exit points. If you are going to an exit and someone is nearby, a flock of birds will fly up. That helps camper when they know someone is approaching and also makes it harder for them when the target knows their presence. It’s time to learn some new tips, such as setting a loot trap. Plus, bullet penetration is back, meaning you can shoot through wooden doors or wooden objects to take down enemies if you have a powerful enough gun. Some new guns have also been added, including the Colt, which can definitely help you take down your target behind a wooden shield.

Many interesting and important changes for season five have already been made, and you can already discover Vigor’s latest Season 5: Renegades update right now.