Where is Arcade mode in PUBG Mobile? How is Arcade mode Quick Match, how to play Arcade mode Quick Match in PUBG Mobile?

Arcade PUBG Mobile Mode is the second most popular game mode after Classic mode. In this game mode, there will be separate rules but still ensure to follow the rules of normal PUBG rules. Obviously, Arcade Mode will promise to bring different experiences than what Classic Mode brings.

Accordingly, instead of the usual 100 players, only 28 players will participate in the match, the aircraft will take you to a designated circle in the map and rush to fight immediately.

Quick Match: As one of the two main game modes of PUBG Mobile when allowing 30 players to enter a limited area, the special feature of Quick Match is that each game only takes you up to 8 minutes or shorter.

To be able to play Arcade mode in PUBG Mobile, the player must first reach level 10, in the main interface of your character click on Classic and select Arcade mode below.

– Arcade mode does not limit the type of play so you can play Solo, Duo or Squad.

– Immediately after selecting to Arcade mode, the player presses the bottom to select one or all modes of play. Here you select Quick Match and then click OK.

– All the setup work has been completed and now the main task is to click on Start to conduct the Find game only.

The launch of Arcade Mode is highly appreciated by gamers because the usual 1 vs 100 matches have gradually become familiar. And gamers also need new, more challenging things in their favorite titles.