Recently, the online community and League of Legends players have been stirring up because family members rushed to test the Mobile Truth Arena.

However, we recommend that you do not try to download and then frustrated. Why is that?

1. Queue:

The first thing you must pass if you want to test a mobile is the queue. Because it’s so hot, if you want to experience it, you need to undergo a stamina test to make it easier to understand, this is as difficult as the way you find your crush.

If you enter the game and you see the queue for only about 1 minute and sit waiting. Congratulations! You won the innocent Miss. Because the “1 minute” will also be equivalent to crush time to accept your affection. It’s faster than 10 minutes, 30 minutes, but it can also be infinity.

2. Interface, Features:

Next, when you enter the game, you will be somewhat disappointed because the current interface is too … simple. What you can use is just: Friends List, Mode selection button and Play button. Perhaps because it is only the Closed-Beta version, most of the necessary features in the game such as Shops, Quests, Rankings, .. have not appeared yet.

What you can do if you get into the game is just choose the mode, invite friends and play. When you press the Play button, the interface will be the same as the PC version. But soon, Riot Games will add features and gradually improve this game before the official release.

3. Graphics:

Do not know because to make the game lighter or not designed yet, Riot is using the general model to display, and the champion model of League of Legends not really very nice. Many people may not even know which champion it is. But the rest is still pretty good. Perhaps Riot Games will also change it before launch.

4. Can’t collect items yet:

As mentioned above, the game currently has no Shop and Quests. Only players using accounts on servers released by Riot Games will have items from the PC version. So those who only play the Mobile version right now will not have a new summoned beast or ring.

5. Installation, Customization:

With the reason is a trial version, so the Settings in the game is still nothing. What you can customize is just Logout and adjust the sound. Therefore, you will not be able to adjust the game configuration to match the phone.

6. Not yet supporting many phones:

Because of the recent appearance of mobile, this beta version has not been supported on many devices yet. The game currently only supports Android phones so iOS still can’t play. In addition, there are also many Android phones that are fully configurable but cannot be played.