Top 5 characters with the most powerful skills Free Fire

Some Garena Free Fire characters may be more useful to others, but you have to know which skills suit you best, you can use them fluently and achieve victory, that’s important. Characters in Free Fire have their own skills, depending on their preferences and the most appropriate character class choices. So which characters in Free […]

How to download Fortnite Mobile game on the latest Android and IOS

How to download Fortnite Mobile game on the latest Android and IOS? Despite being born late compared to games like PUBG, Fortnite has gained a great popularity in the global player community and officially became the biggest rival of PUBG today, and this game has got on the App Store. Currently, Fortnite Mobile is available […]

Results Dota 2 ESL Los Angeles Online 2020 EU / CIS region

Update developments, results of Dota 2 ESL tournament Los Angeles Online 2020 EU/CIS region. After nearly 2 weeks of competition, the group stage of ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Online in Europe and CIS has officially ended with many unexpected results. Dota 2 ESL Los Angeles Online 2020 results EU/CIS group stage: Group A: Virtus […]

The most experienced sports game in the Covid-19 epidemic (Part 2)

FOOTBALL: FOOTBALL MANAGER 2020 One of the most realistic and complex football games, but also what makes the brand in this game. FM simulates the work of a real trainer with surprisingly realistic features. Players must have enough soccer knowledge to understand the game mechanics. A game not for everyone but for real football fans, […]

The most experienced sports game in the Covid-19 epidemic (Part 1)

During the COVID-19 season, we will not have the opportunity to experience traditional sports such as football and basketball. The following sports games will help you entertain and enjoy your sports passion. The following games will be interesting options for home entertainment enthusiasts at the time of the complicated Covid-19 outbreak: FOOTBALL: FIFA 20 Football […]


During the time of waiting for the official release of Resident Evil 3 Remake on the 3rd of April, honor games fans would be in curiosity about some Resident Evil 3 Remake features.     There are several options to have Resident Evil 3 Remake beforehand. Below are some interesting facts about this renowned game for ones […]

Call of Duty Warzone gets 30 million players after releasing 10 days

Activision’s survival shooting game has reached 30 million players after 10 days of release. As a sub-version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare hit in September 2019, Call of Duty: Warzone has attracted a significant number of players right from the moment of release. As of March 20, the game has surpassed 30 million players, […]