PUBG Mobile and RoS Mobile also have almost the same game modes like Solo or Squad, Team Battle, etc. You can join the experience of modes with similar gameplay in both games.

Besides the many basic similarities in PUBG Mobile and RoS Mobile there are completely different points that you can recognize. The differences between PUBG Mobile and RoS Mobile are what makes each game unique and attractive. That also reflects the hobby and taste of the survival gamer.

The first thing everyone knows is that these two products are from different game makers. PUBG Mobile is a product produced by Tencent after being licensed by Bluehole and signed in late 2017. Two Tencent game studios have created two independent versions of PUBG Mobile. It is important that PUBG Mobile inherits almost completely the previous and hottest PC version available today. From the graphics and gameplay of PUBG Mobile sticking to the original PC, gamers have the feeling of playing PUBG Mobile for an experience like PC intuitively.

The game mode is where you easily detect two different PUBG Mobile and RoS Mobile games. While playing PUBG Mobile, gamers still participate in the 100-life battle, as soon as the first version of RoS Mobile, players have been experiencing 120 people in a match. That’s not to mention RoS Mobile has a mode of 300 participants – the highest number of outstanding survival games on the market today. Currently, RoS is about to update to create a robot in the game to give gamers a new experience.

Between PUBG Mobile and RoS Mobile there are differences in the design of costumes, guns or items in the game. Of course, there can be no similarities in the images of the items in the two games, but this is also something for you to grasp the difference of the two current survival games. PUBG Mobile and RoS Mobile have their own advantages in terms of images and content, but both possess a huge number of players today. This shows that each side has its own strengths.