Until now, when penalties were imposed for players who had unhealthy in-game behavior (including Dota 2 or other esports games), it was normal for them to disagree with that penalty. But this time, it seems that Valve has to admit that it was BAN (forbidden) the wrong brother.

In-game denunciation mode is used to bring a healthy esports community not only Dota 2 but also other electronic sports games. This is gradually working out its effectiveness as the penalties are getting stricter and more effective. But just recently, there was a rare incident regarding the application of criminal justice to unfair playing behavior. It is that the whistleblower who also applies the penalty is a Valve employee, and the person who was punished is again the partner of the penalty.

Recently, a Dota 2 player posted on Reddit with content complaining that he was put in the low priority queue, this is a warning for players to exit the game and be prosecuted. fox too much. Until now, when being punished for having unfair behavior in the game, it is normal for gamers to disagree, but this time, it seems that Valve has to admit that it was banning the wrong person.

Specifically, this incident was a player named Minijuanjohndoe in a match he only called on his teammates to move to the mid lane, but a teammate in the team named Vanaman did not agree with his intentions, Vanaman thought. That tactic is inconsistent even very bad and denounces Minijuanjohndoe.

However, the problem will be nothing special if Vanaman is not an employee of Valve. Vanaman’s real name is Sean Vanaman, as a Valve employee he punished Minijuanjohndoe with Valve’s support tools.

After this confusion was discovered, Vanaman apologized to Minijuanjohndoe in the comment section of the Reddit post, and added that it is difficult to be “objective when playing DOTA” so it should ban Minijuanjohndoe.

Currently, it is not clear what words the two sides exchanged when playing the game, but it seems that Vanaman was no longer calm, so he acted like that. However, Minijuanjohndoe also posted more stats to prove that he has always behaved very well.

In the end, the incident was also resolved with Vanaman having to revoke the penalty with Minijuanjohndoe and Valve also set a rule that no staff members were allowed to ban players manually, avoiding the ban of players like the situation just happened.