Pirate Kings is a pirate game making a storm on Facebook and mobile devices. Have you played this game yet?

Download Pirate King to transform into a pirate and experience the exciting moments of this game offline.

Pirate Kings is a game that emerged from Facebook. After a while of release, the game has landed on most other platforms such as iOS and Android. So what is a remarkable point of Pirate Kings compared to other pirate games?

Join, join pirate game Pirate Kings is not just pirates who glance, ready to rob the ship anytime, anywhere anymore. When participating in the game, you must consider different strategies, methods to maintain and survive. However, the calculations and tricks are very interesting and excite the players, not creating headache feelings like some other strategy games.

Pirate King is an online game, this means that you must have Wifi or 3G on your phone to play. The version for Android just came out in April, but the servers are almost always packed with players. That is why Pirate Kings quickly entered the top of the outstanding application within a short time after launch.

In terms of graphics, the Pirate Kings does not stand out very much. Simple and fun 2D-style animations and images. But in return, the sound is somewhat unique, clearly showing the heroic and decisive atmosphere of one-on-one battles.

Accordingly, joining Pirate Kings is an opportunity for you to become a king, and build your own islands. You will be connected with many players in multiplayer mode, and more interesting is the successful robbery of money and gold from your friends. The task when playing is very simple, you just need to conquer 7 seas to exploit the islands. Also can connect with friends or other online players to earn gold faster.

Pirate Kings is currently available for free to download, but during the game users will have to recharge to purchase the item. Deposit levels range from 0.99 USD to 49.99 USD depending on player needs. If you don’t want to top up, you can still “plow and pull” and join multiplayer to get more gold and grow faster.

Currently Pirate Kings is providing 2 versions for iOS and Android. Depending on the device you are using, you can download the appropriate version of Pirate Kings for Android for Android devices and Pirate Kings for iPhone for iOS device users. In addition, you should also note the time to play, because now the servers are almost full due to the large number of players.

Coin Master is also a pirate game that is many players today, following the gameplay of Pirate Kings, Coin Master has attractive Spins, you will collect many weapons to attack the houses of other players.