Top best horror game of all time (Part 2)

Metro Exodus

The survival of other worlds and horror on the Metro lines is one of the most gruesome hints of post-apocalyptic life ever seen in video games or any other means. After a nuclear war that killed most of humanity, the main character Artyom and his teammates sought a new home away from violence and sadness – and were immediately welcomed by both. The third game, Metro Exodus, is especially scary with describing the mutants, cannibals and irradiation areas that can “transform” men in seconds.

Much of Metro Exodus’s fear comes from the fear of running out of ammo when interacting with monsters. Ammunition is scarce, as well as the filters you need for gas masks and the enemies you encounter far beyond the subway system itself. Metro Exodus is still a game of hope despite the horrors players will encounter that can haunt them. Everything in the game is quite interesting and lifelike, giving players the best experience.


This is also an action role-playing game, but there’s no denying that From Software’s Bloodcraft is derived from horror. Inspired by gothic and Victorian architecture and bringing Lovecraftian enemies into battle, Yharnam’s world is nothing to be afraid of. The bosses range from giant spiders to giant monkeys with skull faces. The confusing story of the game is even framed like a nightmare you can’t wake up to.

From Software that holds the forte of being an intact, intelligent enemy for Bloodborne, this only makes it more terrifying. You will rarely go more than an hour without the enemy jumping out unannounced, bringing a small heart when you have to fight and avoid the road out of danger. However, often you will not be able to do so and the horror of having to find Blood Echoes and eliminate the enemies once again becomes as scary as the world itself.

Sakura Fortune slot game features you should know

After having a brief overview of the Sakura Fortune slot game as well as the symbols used in the game, we will continue to learn about the Sakura Fortune slot game feature.

There is a fact we have to see that slot games are a relatively new game genre today. However, the number of players who love slot games is increasing. Besides, there are more and more websites specializing in how to win game slots. If you are the first time exposed to slot games, you may not like it, but surely after that, you are addicted.

Các tính năng game slot Sakura Fortune

To activate the free Sakura Fortune slot game feature, you must make at least 3 Scatter symbols appear continuously from left to right on the rotating columns. Every time the Wild symbol appears in the free spins, it fills a column and sticks until the free spins finish.

Sakura Fortune slot game feature

In particular, you will be given a free spin by Sakura Fortune slot game after the above steps are completed.

If you have the Wild symbol appear in the free spins, you will be given free spins by Sakura Fortune slot game. The number of Wild symbols you receive in the Sakura Fortune free slot game, will correspond to the number of free spins given to you.

Sakura Fortune slot game feature: Paranormal connection

Whenever two or more princess symbols appear on the Sakura Fortune slot reel, you will have the opportunity to connect mysteriously to fill the spinning column.

For example, if two Wild symbols appear on the reels but do not appear entirely on one column, you will have the opportunity to activate the mysterious connected Sakura Fortune slot game feature. At this point, you will see the icons are filled on a payment column and you will get a spin back.

tính năng game slot Sakura Fortune

If two princess symbols appear on the Sakura Fortune slot game column, the trigger will spun. The total number of turns will be based on the number of princess symbols appearing. In particular, you will receive an additional free spin during the spin if a Wild symbol appears.

Top best horror game of all time (Part 1)

All the best horror games have one thing in common: the ability to feel uncomfortable when someone or something will lead you to fear and especially unexpected endings with stress make you nervous during the engagement.

Today, we will introduce you to some of the best horror games that are worth playing today, bringing you the most thrilling and exciting experience as you step by step overcome your fears.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

Virtual reality can bring a sense of immersion simply impossible through traditional scare games and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is a shining example of this. The first-person VR game focuses heavily on the storyline, with players impacting the outcome based on their choices where the game will have different happenings, and in the game there are many other weapons. Each includes both long-range and melee weapons in combat and each weapon will have different advantages and strengths depending on your needs and preferences. Set in New Orleans, this is a movie different from television shows or comic books and it has a lot of extra content for those who finish it.

In any zombie game, human survivors are in danger of dying because they do not know if they are infected and they can attack us at any time when their lives are threatened. . No one can be trusted, and with many options for most situations, it is up to the player to decide which approach will open a new direction for the game.

Resident Evil 2

As a remake of one of the most popular horror games of all time, Resident Evil 2 of 2019 really impress long-time fans. Although the legacy of the original, but the game has also had the most wonderful changes in both images and playing errors, which is why the game is not boring but also extremely attractive to players. With scary sounds and going to the same perspective as Resident Evil 4, Capcom has made every player’s actions become much more scary. With lots of great weapons to explore and use against zombies.

And the story still exists in 2019. Moving from the first game’s mansion to the ruined streets and buildings of Raccoon City, Resident Evil 2 significantly raises its stake with a sound-filled journey. plotting to throw Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield in the middle of a horrific disaster. The people they encounter are often as dangerous as those infected, and that gives newer players an idea of ​​what to expect from so-called allies in the rest of the series. No one can be trusted.

Top 5 IO games worth playing today (Part 2)


After the success of on the web, Miniclip has brought this new big fish game to eat on the mobile platform. Entering the exciting and thrilling PvP battle, you start with a small dot. You need to move around the map to eat smaller dots and grow in size, while staying away from any opponent bigger than you. Movement speed will be inversely proportional to body size. has 4 different game modes and possesses many unique features. Typically the game allows you to clone when reaching a certain size. Thanks to that, you can deploy tactics to lure opponents and devour them.

4. multiplayer archery game is definitely an option you should not ignore if you love this series. has no web version, only mobile platforms iOS and Android. Owning gameplay similar to, but instead of controlling the tanks, you use bows and arrows to destroy opponents.

Still with the characteristics of the IO game series, you move around the arena to collect diamonds to level up and increase in size. The higher the level, the more blood. To win, you need to combine attack and defense. Please aim very accurately, act quickly to destroy the opponent, and hide behind the walls on the arena to avoid attacks from enemies. Besides collecting diamonds, you also need to collect red hearts to recover health. This is truly a lively arena of life and death, making you have to come back often to fight and experience endless fun every day.


The largest and craziest water slides are waiting for the brave and adventurous to explore in the action-packed IO game, Not owning the game “big fish eat small fish” often seen in this game line, takes you to the water slide competition extremely dramatic and fun. The goal of every player in the game is to be the first to reach the finish line and fall into the pool at the end of the slide.

Game trượt nước nhiều người chơi

To win, you can push your opponent out of the slides or sprung your paraglider to create a shortcut to take the lead. If played in a fair way, then you can hardly become a winner, so the game encourages gamers to pitch, use tricks and apply tactics.

The IO game market is becoming increasingly bustling with many new games being released regularly. These are just the 5 most popular options in the huge game archive. If you want to have moments of relaxing gaming, relieve stress, then do not miss these games.

The Philippines temporarily locked League of Legends Rank because of COVID-19

Games in Southeast Asia were closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

When the net shops were forced to close to avoid the COVID-19 epidemic, LoL lost a large number of players in the ranking mode.

In many other countries in Southeast Asia, they also choose internet shops or cyber games as the place to play LoL with their friends, However, during the COVID-19 epidemic There are very complicated developments, many countries in Southeast Asia have had to close net shops within a few weeks, resulting in a significant decline in the number of League players in recent days.

A player in the Philippines said, at this server, the number of players at the Challenge level is 9 people! This situation leads to the fact that the Philippines’ League of Legends server is forced to temporarily lock the ranking so that gamers do not lose their rank when they have not played games for a long time. Notification that was sent to gamers in this area through the client as well as the game’s fanpage.

The Philippines had to lock down the League of Legends ranking because the number of players was too small.

Thankfully, in some countris, the Ranking mode still works normally. On March 27, the League Ranking mode was temporarily closed for maintenance but has now reopened for gamers to participate.

According to the latest announcement, currently, only general supermarkets, people’s markets, shopping centers are among the essential business establishments that are operating. Although this will cause a large part of gamers to be affected, in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic there is no sign of stopping, all people, even gamers, should not go out to protect their health of yourself as well as those around you.

Top 5 IO games worth playing today (Part 1)

IO games are real-time multiplayer games that are easily identified by the .io domain name (The British Indian Ocean Territory’s highest national domain name).

Initially, these games were only developed for the web (webgame), but with a boom, game makers have put them on mobile platforms so that players can experience them anytime and anywhere.

Game IO is entertaining, light and fun, but equally deep. Players need to have tactics and patience to win online multiplayer battles and dominate the arena and rankings.

1. – Snake game of prey is probably the most popular IO game today. This snake game has completely dominated the market when it was launched in the beginning of 2016. With hundreds of millions of downloads on both iOS and Android platforms, this game has contributed the most effort in making the game IO genre popular.

Game rắn săn mồi

The game has quite simple gameplay. You control your little snake crawling on a large map, with the aim of eating as many glowing spots as possible to become the biggest snake and dominate the rankings. The snake dies when it hits the body of another snake. And players can also use this strategy to trap enemies to destroy opponents by tricking them into stabbing themselves.

2. – Game shoot tanks is a multiplayer online shooting game. You control a small tank that can only fire bullets in a single direction, but during the game, you gradually upgrade your tank into a deadly armored vehicle. To do that, you need to destroy colorful blocks in the arena to accumulate experience points to increase the size and upgrade weapons, then destroy other opponents.

Game bắn tăng

Tank game has 8 attractive game modes. Each game mode is a unique experience, where your goal is to occupy the No.1 position in the rankings.

When does PUBG Mobile season 14 start?

PUBG Mobile season 14: Update new features of PUBG Mobile season 14 and update 0.19.0: New maps, new weapons,…

PUBG Mobile Season 13 is about to end and make room for PUBG Mobile Season 14. The following is the first information about season 14.

Pubg Mobile season 14 is about to debut

Expected, PUBG Mobile season 13 will end on 12/7. Soon, PUBG Mobile season 14 will start or maybe later than 1-2 days later.

PUBG Mobile 14 Season 14 will last for 8-9 weeks just like the other seasons, unless there is any special notice from the publisher.

What is PUBG Mobile Season 14?

New map: Livik

Livik – This new map is coming out on 07.07 which is being interested by PUBG Mobile gamers. This is an exclusive map of PUBG Mobile, with a combination of all 4 current maps, but still bringing in its own unique features.

Livik map will be quite small size, only for 40 players. The appearance of this map will also bring some new weapons.

New weapon

P90 – Original gun from Arena mode – Teleport has been added to the new map. Satisfying players who like fast-paced matches, offering a new shooting experience.

MK12 machine gun sniper rifle – with high rate of rapid fire, is an assassin gun in fast fighting fights.

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 14

PUBG Mobile Season 14 will be titled Spark The Flame. Currently, there is not much information on the 14th Royale Pass of season 14. More details will be updated in the next few days.

Where is Arcade mode in PUBG Mobile?

Where is Arcade mode in PUBG Mobile? How is Arcade mode Quick Match, how to play Arcade mode Quick Match in PUBG Mobile?

Arcade PUBG Mobile Mode is the second most popular game mode after Classic mode. In this game mode, there will be separate rules but still ensure to follow the rules of normal PUBG rules. Obviously, Arcade Mode will promise to bring different experiences than what Classic Mode brings.

Accordingly, instead of the usual 100 players, only 28 players will participate in the match, the aircraft will take you to a designated circle in the map and rush to fight immediately.

Quick Match: As one of the two main game modes of PUBG Mobile when allowing 30 players to enter a limited area, the special feature of Quick Match is that each game only takes you up to 8 minutes or shorter.

To be able to play Arcade mode in PUBG Mobile, the player must first reach level 10, in the main interface of your character click on Classic and select Arcade mode below.

– Arcade mode does not limit the type of play so you can play Solo, Duo or Squad.

– Immediately after selecting to Arcade mode, the player presses the bottom to select one or all modes of play. Here you select Quick Match and then click OK.

– All the setup work has been completed and now the main task is to click on Start to conduct the Find game only.

The launch of Arcade Mode is highly appreciated by gamers because the usual 1 vs 100 matches have gradually become familiar. And gamers also need new, more challenging things in their favorite titles.

Samurai Shodown and hot games coming soon for free on Epic Games Store

Learn about Samurai Shodown and 2 free prepared games on Epic Games Stores. Can these games satisfy gamers?

On June 11, in addition to ARK: Survival Evolved, Epic Games Store released a free fighting game series similar to Japan’s famous Shodown Neogeo Collection.

Samurai Shodown, known as Samurai Spirits in Japan, is a series of competitive fighting games produced and released by SNK on their Neogeo platform in 1993. In contrast to the Another fighting game, Samurai Shodown is set in feudal Japan and is one of the first fighting games to focus on fighting based on weapons after the success of Street Fighter II. from Capcom.

With Samurai Shodown NeoGeo, gamers will receive a set of games including:

– Samurai Shodown I

– Samurai Shodown II

– Samurai Shodown III

– Samurai Shodown IV Amakusa’s Revenge

– Samurai Shodown V

– Samurai Shodown V Special

Download the game at: Samurai Showdown Epic Games.

After Samurai Shodown, two other titles will be free next week: Pathway and The Escapists 2.


With pictures and gameplay completely follow the classic turn-based strategy style, Pathway is a good game for those who want a bit of nostalgia.

Pathway’s plot takes place in the mid-20th century, when an evil army is searching for ruins in Africa, stealing mysterious artifacts for the purpose of hegemony of the world. Players will play the role of independent archaeologists and mercenaries, with the goal of preventing the expansion of the dark soldiers.

Pathway is a pretty good game for those who love the turn-based strategy genre, especially it has the style of Final Fantasy Tactics very much and is extremely appreciated by fans of this series.

The Escapists 2

Like the first part, Escapists 2 takes players into the role of a prisoner. Being thrown into a security prison to take care of his teeth. Your mission is to up and implement plans to escape from here. But to do that, players have to spend a lot of time observing and tracking the schedule in this place. Along with complying with prison rules, players also have to do a number of tasks to please other prisoners. Helping you or earning money to buy necessary things for the escape. These tasks often revolve around being secret. Steal the guard’s key, find items or make an eagle with another prisoner, etc.

About 8bit graphics like the 90s games. And the view from above is quite fun. The game was developed by Moldy Toof Studios. Released for PC, XBOX and PS4 in 2015. By 2017, versions for iOS and Android are available. 

PUBG Mobile gradually reaches professional eSports

In the first season held, PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring Split 2020 has left many marks in the hearts of fans of the mobile survival game.

PUBG Mobile Pro League Sea Finals ended with the championship belonging to Yoodo Gank of Malaysia. For those who follow the 3 days from 1-3/5 PUBG Mobile tournaments in Southeast Asia, you will probably feel the fighting atmosphere, the fierce competition that a mobile shooter can do it.

Three Vietnamese representatives in the Sea Finals this year, Talent, Badboy and Box Gaming, did not achieve the expected expectations, when they ranked 7th, 11th and 14th respectively. Any Winner Winner Chicken Dinner during the tournament is a pity for the host team.

Competitive eSports game

The superiority is evident in the skills of each player as well as in teamfights. Remember that at the PMCO Prelims 2019, Southeast Asia is also the area that destroyed the tournament with 3 representatives all topping the group.

However, the effort is not without, even the host athletes also create many impressive moments with viewers.

It could be the outplay of the entire Badboy Onic eSports lineup from the first day of the game. In a worse position than the opponent when knocked out 2 members in a house near Prison, the Vietnamese boys still calmly completely clear the opponent, forcing the Indonesian representative to stop in the top 16.

In addition, there are some brainstorms between Box Gaming and the regional champions RRQ Athena of Thailand.

However, due to the overwhelming strength of teams that have rolled on the world stage such as Yoodo Gank, Team Secret, Illuminate the Muder, even the world champion like Bigetron RA, the Vietnamese representatives were unable to show a lot.

Big names, even the majority of viewers defaulted to Vietnamese representatives such as Matrix United, FFQ also pity at the ticket to attend the Sea Final at the hands of Talent, Badboy.

Sustainable development roadmap

In March 2018, PUBG Mobile Lightspeed and Quantum international version launched. In less than 2 years, this version has reached 600 million downloads worldwide, more than 50 million daily players.

These unexpected numbers are not only the result of state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 4 technology that reproduces realistic 3D images, epic fire effects, and breathtaking action scenes; but also from the different development orientation of PUBG Mobile in the bustling gaming market.

Dare to escape the framework of a mere entertainment game, PUBG Mobile was put into development with the roadmap of an eSports industry, confronting many other long-standing names of this industry.

After only 2 years, PUBG Mobile has made a big impression with large tournaments with bonuses up to million USD like PUBG Mobile Club Open ($2.5 million) and now PUBG Mobile Pro League ($5 million).