Update developments, results of Dota 2 ESL tournament Los Angeles Online 2020 EU/CIS region.

After nearly 2 weeks of competition, the group stage of ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Online in Europe and CIS has officially ended with many unexpected results.

Dota 2 ESL Los Angeles Online 2020 results EU/CIS group stage:

Group A: Virtus Pro, OG regained form; Nigma again makes fans heart attack

After many member changes, it seems Virtus Pro has found the most suitable squad for ILTW and Zayac. With Resolut1ion regaining its form, VP was unbeaten in the group stage of ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Online. Even after securing the top spot, VP and B8 of the national brother Dendi did not miss!

Kết quả Dota 2 ESL Los Angeles Online 2020 khu vực EU/CIS

Despite having to play with 2 stand-ins, OG is still too strong compared to the rest of Group A. They easily won 2nd place in Group A to reach the winning bracket of the tournament. However, OG’s upcoming match will be a huge challenge as they will face Team Secret in the Playoffs round.

The purple band Nigma continues to show an erratic face. They were almost eliminated after losing to VP in the penultimate round. But in the end, the fans can also breathe a sigh of relief when Nigma has won the right to continue thanks to the shine of Meepo in the hands of w33, the hero with which he owns a 100% win rate in the professional arena.

Group B: Unable to prevent Team Secret; NaVi, Liquid, NIP suddenly left the game

In a group not too difficult, Team Secret has proven its position as the No. 1 team in Europe at the present time. With a consistent lineup, proven in major tournaments, it’s no surprise that Team Secret are unbeaten with a 7-match winning streak with a score of 12-2.

Kết quả Dota 2 ESL Los Angeles Online 2020 khu vực EU/CIS

Meanwhile, with their poor performance, NaVi, Liquid and Ninjas In Pajamas had to leave the tournament in a regretful way. The second position of Group B suddenly belonged to Team Spirit with a record of 5 wins and 2 losses. The other two teams that won the right to go are Alliance in 3rd place and Chicken Fighters, stacks of SoNNeiko and Era.

This afternoon, ESL Los Angeles Online 2020 will begin with battles in the Playoffs. Most notably is the confrontation between Team Secret vs OG, the two strongest Dota 2 teams in the world at the present time. Even so, OG will not have the strongest force to confront Team Secret.