Some Garena Free Fire characters may be more useful to others, but you have to know which skills suit you best, you can use them fluently and achieve victory, that’s important.

Characters in Free Fire have their own skills, depending on their preferences and the most appropriate character class choices. So which characters in Free Fire have the most powerful and most used skills?

1. Andrew

This experienced Andrew former cop will be of great help to you if you’re playing in Solo mode, which is reflected in his level up. Every time Andrew levels up, the vest’s ability to block the vest will be increased slightly, helping this character reduce the damage caused by the opponent.

Top 5 nhân vật có kỹ năng mạnh nhất Free Fire

2. Ford

Retired navy, has a very strange ability, but if you know how to use it will help you kill more opponents outside the area. Ford’s ability is to reduce the amount of damage you get out of a safe area, how many times have you seen your opponent run like crazy because of the narrow area? This is when you use his great skills, please take a close look and shoot.

3. Nikita

Do not be fooled by this beautiful character, Nikita is a professional bodyguard, an expert on machine guns with the ability to load submachine gun faster than other characters. With her ability, you can fight your opponent and take advantage of speed, take advantage of agility, take the opportunity to destroy them.

Top 5 nhân vật có kỹ năng mạnh nhất Free Fire

4. Olivia

This character is perfect for team battles, as Olivia can quickly revive her teammates, thanks to her ability, Olivia, a nurse who joins the battlefield and her main skills. it is reviving teammates, when standing up they have an additional amount of blood. If you like a supportive role, Olivia is a good choice.

5. Kelly

In Garena Free Fire you’ll never be allowed to stop moving, and if you can move faster than your opponent it’s really good, you get this ability thanks to using Kelly. A character that most gamers when playing Garena Free Fire are preferred. Kelly has a fast running speed and gradually increases with the level, the advantage in going loot items.

Above is a list of the most used characters in Garena Free Fire, which has been voted by gamers.