IO games are real-time multiplayer games that are easily identified by the .io domain name (The British Indian Ocean Territory’s highest national domain name).

Initially, these games were only developed for the web (webgame), but with a boom, game makers have put them on mobile platforms so that players can experience them anytime and anywhere.

Game IO is entertaining, light and fun, but equally deep. Players need to have tactics and patience to win online multiplayer battles and dominate the arena and rankings.

1. – Snake game of prey is probably the most popular IO game today. This snake game has completely dominated the market when it was launched in the beginning of 2016. With hundreds of millions of downloads on both iOS and Android platforms, this game has contributed the most effort in making the game IO genre popular.

Game rắn săn mồi

The game has quite simple gameplay. You control your little snake crawling on a large map, with the aim of eating as many glowing spots as possible to become the biggest snake and dominate the rankings. The snake dies when it hits the body of another snake. And players can also use this strategy to trap enemies to destroy opponents by tricking them into stabbing themselves.

2. – Game shoot tanks is a multiplayer online shooting game. You control a small tank that can only fire bullets in a single direction, but during the game, you gradually upgrade your tank into a deadly armored vehicle. To do that, you need to destroy colorful blocks in the arena to accumulate experience points to increase the size and upgrade weapons, then destroy other opponents.

Game bắn tăng

Tank game has 8 attractive game modes. Each game mode is a unique experience, where your goal is to occupy the No.1 position in the rankings.