3. Agar.io

After the success of Agar.io on the web, Miniclip has brought this new big fish game to eat on the mobile platform. Entering the exciting and thrilling PvP battle, you start with a small dot. You need to move around the map to eat smaller dots and grow in size, while staying away from any opponent bigger than you. Movement speed will be inversely proportional to body size.

Agar.io has 4 different game modes and possesses many unique features. Typically the game allows you to clone when reaching a certain size. Thanks to that, you can deploy tactics to lure opponents and devour them.

4. Arrow.io

Arrow.io multiplayer archery game is definitely an option you should not ignore if you love this series. Arrow.io has no web version, only mobile platforms iOS and Android. Owning gameplay similar to Diep.io, but instead of controlling the tanks, you use bows and arrows to destroy opponents.

Still with the characteristics of the IO game series, you move around the arena to collect diamonds to level up and increase in size. The higher the level, the more blood. To win, you need to combine attack and defense. Please aim very accurately, act quickly to destroy the opponent, and hide behind the walls on the arena to avoid attacks from enemies. Besides collecting diamonds, you also need to collect red hearts to recover health. This is truly a lively arena of life and death, making you have to come back often to fight and experience endless fun every day.

5. Aquapark.io

The largest and craziest water slides are waiting for the brave and adventurous to explore in the action-packed IO game, Aquapark.io. Not owning the game “big fish eat small fish” often seen in this game line, Aquapark.io takes you to the water slide competition extremely dramatic and fun. The goal of every player in the game is to be the first to reach the finish line and fall into the pool at the end of the slide.

Game trượt nước nhiều người chơi Aquapark.io

To win, you can push your opponent out of the slides or sprung your paraglider to create a shortcut to take the lead. If played in a fair way, then you can hardly become a winner, so the game encourages gamers to pitch, use tricks and apply tactics.

The IO game market is becoming increasingly bustling with many new games being released regularly. These are just the 5 most popular options in the huge game archive. If you want to have moments of relaxing gaming, relieve stress, then do not miss these games.